Anti-Bullying Campaign at C.H.S

“Bullying stops at C.H.S!”

These were the words of students of the Convent High School at a special assembly held on Monday November 19th.

This was done to raise awareness on bullying, with a week of activities organized by the school’s Principal in collaboration with the Anti-Bullying Movement of the C.H.S.

Featured Speaker Ms. Anette Austrie who was the C.H.S’s Pastoral Care Coordinator and now Principal of the St. Mary’s Primary (SMP), urged the students to take a stand against bullying as it should not be tolerated in our schools or society.

She advised the young ladies that they need to understand how bullies operate in order to defend themselves from these people.

Ms. Austrie pointed out that as we may look at bullies as monsters or bad people, they are generally unhappy people who are hurting on the inside and are very unhappy.

With this she says they put up fronts to hide deep hurt while lashing out their anger and frustrations at defenseless victims and other people around them.

Ms. Austrie says that all bullying must be reported as the longer it goes on the worst it will get, while the bully gets a high on controlling others.

She stated this is the year that the school adopts a zero tolerance attitude to bullying as they focused on sensitizing the students on this issue in 2011.

Principal of the C.H.S Mrs. Josephine Dublin urged the young ladies to report bullying, as those who witness but remain silent are just as bad as the bully.

Featured Speaker, Ms. Anette Austrie

Those who may be fearful of victimization can report it anonymously which will aid in fighting bullying.

Mrs. Dublin says we all need to do something about it to rid the C.H.S of bullies, while commending the Anti-Bullying Movement for the work they have been doing island-wide in the fight against bullying.

She advised the students to work together in order of keeping the good name and excellent reputation of the school.


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