Antigua Places Restrictions on Fruit Imports From Dominica

Antigua and Barbuda have recently announced that they are placing restrictions on the importation of a number of fruits from Dominca due to the presence of Black Sigatoka Disease.

On the black list are mangos, guavas, bananas, plantains, cut flowers and dried coconuts.

The measure was put in place by the Plant Protection Unit (PPU) in the Antigua Ministry of Agriculture due to “a number of phytosanitary (plant health) issues that have developed in recent times”.

Effective immediately, commercial consignments of banana and plantain fruit ONLY may be imported into Antigua & Barbuda from Dominica.

Personal consignments of bananas and plantains are absolutely prohibited. All consignments of bananas and plantains MUST be accompanied by a valid Phytosanitary Certificate issued by Plant Quarantine in Dominica as well as a valid Import Permit issued by Plant Protection Antigua & Barbuda.

The release went on to say that entire consignments of plantain and banana that do not meet the necessary requirements will be confiscated.

The unit also placed on notice importers of cut flowers, spices ground and whole, including cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg and dried coconuts from Dominica, warning them that they must have a valid import permit before bringing them into Antigua.

Agriculture Minister Mathew Walter has revealed that Montserrat had indicated it would not accept any fruits, especially plantains and bananas, coming from Dominica.

The presence of Black Sigatoka was confirmed in Dominica last month.

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