APU Concert to Showcase Patients’ Talents

occupationalIn an effort to break the barriers of discrimination and stigma against mentally ill patients, the Community Mental Health Team will be hosting the 12th Annual Acute Psychiatric Unit (APU) Concert on January 13,2013.

This is a flagship event that seeks to promote respect for persons with Mental Health problems in Dominica, and over the past years, local artists have joined patients/staff in exhibiting the talent prevalent among the mentally ill in our communities.

Ward Sister and Psychiatric Nurse Ms. Isaline Francis stated this is a perfect opportunity to showcase the patients’ talented side.

Ms. Francis stated since the inception of the show, they have been receiving tremendous support from public and business community which they are appreciative of, and would love to see this support continue.


Ward Sister and Psychiatric Nurse, Ms. Isaline Francis

She says that this is one of the shows that the in and out patients look forward to, as it gives them a sense of belonging seeing the public cheer them on and supporting them, while they sing, recite poems, dance and tell jokes.

Occupational Therapist at the Acute Psychiatric Unit Ms. Shasta Green pointed out that Occupational Therapy ties in perfectly with the concert as it allows the patients to show the world their talents and skills, which helps them improve the quality of their lives.

The Unit currently has 15 patients. Males are the majority and are faced with social and psychology issues besides their mental illnesses.

Ms. Green stated that the goal of hosting this concert is to let Dominicans know that mentally ill patients are normal persons like everyone else.

She said just like we suffer from illnesses such as hypertension and diabetes, the patients just suffer from a sickness of the mind which with help can be dealt with.

Calypsonians such as King Dice, Observer, and Daddy Chess will perform with the patients, so this show will certainly be an exciting one that Dominicans will not want to miss.

The Community Mental Health Team sends a special thank you to companies such as Digicel, Jays Limited, Greens Wholesale and all Media Houses who are working with them to ensure the show is a success.

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