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Thirty-one year old Artist Mr. Gharan Burton based in the US, has made a visit to Dominica to display his fine art through an Art Exhibition on Friday, April 20th.


The exhibition will be held in Wotten Waven at the Paradise Art Gallery, where fine art and floral gardens will exist in harmony.


In addition, the event is free and open to the public from 5pm-8pm and a donation of two dollars is requested.

Mr. Burton says, he has been painting for over 10 years and most of his work is figurative.


He mentioned that he sometimes think about what he used to draw as a child to exercise his mind from the strain of “adult art” which allows it to be more creative in the process.


He also said that he tries reading something totally different from what he usually does, even if it is just a magazine article on an unusual subject.


After doing this at least once for several days, new and different information gets his mind thinking about fresh subjects, unlocking new avenues for creativity.


Mr. Burton says instead of trying to create something new, most times he looks at something old by going through old sketchbooks, portfolio, and finished art pieces for ideas.

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