Asbestos Safely Removed From Roseau Cathedral

The public can now feel safe that the asbestos from the Roseau Cathedral has been safely removed.

A press conference was held on August 27th to report to the general public on the developments of the project.

Removal of the tiles started on July 9th and was completed on Monday July 23rd.

George Sammy, Consultant with the project says air quality monitoring was done at a number of locations in the area, including Social Center and Lisa’s Nursery.

At the end of the cleaning a wipe testing was done and this satisfied their demands that everything was done to their standards.

Wendell Lawrence, assistant representative for the cathedral renovation project, says the next phase of the project is the demolition of the entire inside of the cathedral including the columns and arches.

Joseph Gregoire, main consultant for the project says it is the decision of the contractor on the actual process of work to done on demotion of the cathedral.


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