Aspiring Home Owners Urged to Avoid Cutting Costs in Construction


Contractor Mr. Matthew Burton

Aspiring home owners are being urged not to take any short cuts as it relates to the construction of their homes to save money.

According to building contractor Mr. Matthew Burton, this jeopardizes the durability of the house, which making it vulnerable to unfavourable weather conditions, especially during the hurricane season.

Following hurricane David, he said, many of what he refers to as ‘Fly by Night Contractors’ emerged.  They promised cheaper construction prices than that of the authentic contractors and people would fall prey to these people.

“A lot of times home owners get disappointed because they have to spend more money hiring an authentic contractor, when the ‘Fly by Night Contractors’ cannot complete the job.”

Mr. Burton said one of the best ways to resolve this major issue is to implement regulations to ensure that all contractors earn a license and are certified to practice construction.

Mr. Burton noted, unless the contractor is genuine about his work he will take shortcuts, that will put more money in his pocket.

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