Atlantique View Resort Owner Pleading to Aid Bank to Complete His Dream

Atlantique View Resort

Owner and Chairman of Atlantique View Resort Mr. Joseph Williams who grew up in Anse De Mai says, it has always been his dream to construct a hotel which he started planning as a young boy who was very active in his community.

Mr. Williams says that from not succeeding in Politics during the Patrick John administration, he then left Dominica and went abroad where he studied engineering and worked as a supervisor at a hospital in the engineering department before going into his own business of real estate development.

He added that after running as successful real estate business in the United States, he came back to his country where he started purchasing land to start working on his dream along with his son Mr. Jerry Williams.

Mr. Williams also pointed out that he faced difficulties in getting the plan drawn up for the resort, in addition to the other problems he was and still faces with the aid bank to get the rest of the loan money needed to complete the project which is delaying him.

Mr. Williams added that he is appealing for the board of directors of the aid bank to approve the additional $450,000 needed to complete the project so he can open the resort for business.

Executive director of Atlantique view resort, Mr. Jerry Williams says this resort will provide a total of 51 jobs for Dominicans and will transform the community of Anse Sol Dat, so he does not understand why there have been so many roadblocks in the dispensing of the funds for the construction of this resort.

Mr. Williams added their focus is to keep the resort occupied year round with at least 70 percent occupancy during and out of the tourist season, targeting 40 percent corporate, 40 percent groups, and 20 percent leisure/individual.

He added the resort is ideally located only 15 to 20 minutes from the Melville Airport, and will feature a conference room fully equipped with wireless internet among other features to host board meetings for corporate clients.

He added like Antigua is benefitting from sports tourism, Dominica does have the potential to do the same and investments need to be made to accommodate regional and international teams and this resort will do exactly that.

Mr. Williams added that the resort has been certified by Choice Hotels International, Inc. which franchises more than 6,100 hotels, representing more than 495,000 rooms, in the United States and more than 30 other countries and territories.

He pointed out that each month the hotel will be rated which will be published internationally, so it is very important they keep a high standard of excellent service, so the resort and its customer service will exceed all visitors’ expectations.







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