Attention Directed to the Dominican Youth

youth_development.jpgThe OECS Juvenile Justice Reform Project, has given the Dominican Youth a chance to display their positive attributes such as their skills and talents.

On Monday March 5th 2013, the Talent Display Competition was launched and Magistrate Gloria Augustus stated, it is a competition that will bring out the talents of the youth which needs more acknowledgment.

Ms. Augustus said the entire purpose is to support the activities that the youth enjoy, once it is legit. Also, in events where they have aptitude and expertise, it needs to be highlighted.

She added, if this is done, they would not have the time to involve themselves in activities which may lead them to the Magistrate’s Court.

For those who are interested in fashion designs they are encouraged to submit their entry forms by March 18th and graphic designs should be submitted by April 17th.

This project is likely to reinforce the Juvenile Justice System through suitable modification procedures applied both nationally as well as sub regionally.

The OECS Juvenile Project is supported by a US Presidential Initiative called the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative (CBSI) and resources are channeled through USAID.

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