Austrie calls for the removal of what he dubs as satanic anti-government banners


While speaking on the issue of national pride, Government Minister Reginald Austrie made mention of the controversy surrounding the Office of the President.


Given the fact that government has revealed exactly how the $ 27 Million will be spent, Austrie says it is clear for all Dominicans to see that the information that is being disseminated by their critics is erroneous, and so he called for government to remove what he described as the devilish and satanic looking banners that have been erected all across the country describing the state palace as a state malice.


The State House venture was a main talking point for government ministers at the eighth meeting of the first session of the eighth parliament, at the house of assembly, on Thursday March 17th, 2011 after word surfaced that Dominica cannot afford to spend a significant sum on a home for its Head of State.


In his remarks to parliament, the Government Minister called on Dominicans to take pride in their institutions.


According to him, it is rather unfortunate, that the Office of the President like many other state buildings such as the House of Assembly is not being highly respected, but instead is being branded and maligned by naysayers.


He says it is also very strange that the very same people who spoke of plans to construct a state house for the Carib Chief when the Dominica Labour Party was in opposition, is now against the construction of a state house for the President, whose Office is higher than that of the Carib Chief.


Local Businessman Jerry Brisbane, recently launched a campaign against government’s decision to construct a $ 27 Million  state house, dubbing the project as a state malice.

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