Azille sentenced to eight years in prison plus a fine

Despite a lengthy plea in mitigation at the Roseau High Court on February 7th, 2011, a Cottage man could not convince a nine-member jury that he was innocent of a ‘class a’ drug offence, when the matter which was pending for two years, came to a close.


The nine-member jury consisting of seven women and two men found Emanuel Azille, who was arrested in Portsmouth on December 3rd, 2008 on  a drug charge, guilty of possession and possession with intent to supply twelve (12) grams of cocaine. 


Justice Birnie Stephenson Brookes warned that her decision to sentence Azille to eight years in prison and to pay a fine of $105,000 in one year, is geared at sending a strong message to persons involved in illegal activities especially drugs, that the court will not take such matters lightly.


She said that his five-page conviction sheet was the longest sheet she had seen in her years on the bench.


Meanwhile, Azille, who represented himself at the trial maintained that he was innocent and that the entire incident was ‘a setup’.

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