Bahamas Opposition Leader Under Threat After Election Loss

Bahamas Opposition Leader, Hubert Minnis

One source is saying that Dr. Hubert Minnis’ time as leader is “winding down” after the crushing defeat the opposition party suffered in Monday’s by-election.

The Free National Movement (FNM) is deeply troubled by recent statements Minnis made to the public: First that former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham’s era is over and secondly that the FNM as a party should take responsibility for Monday’s loss, not just him.

Another aspect that upset FNMs, was that the campaign in North Abaco appeared to be disorganized, with “shoddy” advertisements and ground work.

The source also said that the constant claims of victimization on the island by the party leader were “played out and untrue”.

The party has lost the last three elections in the country, the 2010 Elizabeth by-election, the 2012 general election and Monday’s by-election in which the party lost Ingraham’s seat, which he held for more than 30 years, by 854 votes.

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