Bail Act Soon to be Implemented in Dominica

footage (6)After operating without a Bail Act for many years, a Bail Act will be up for legislation in 2013, according to Dominica’s attorney general Mr. Levi Peter.

In the past, many citizens were outraged when persons who have committed serious crimes receive bail, to walk on the streets among law abiding citizens.

However discussions with some top attorneys, revealed that the public must be aware that there is no Bail Act in which a Magistrate can follow for granting or denying bail, and as attorneys they have a job to do to try to secure bail for their clients.

levi peter (1)

Dominica’s Attorney General Mr. Levi Peter

He noted, even with a Bail Act, it is still the Magistrate and Judges’ who will decide, whether or not a particular individual, who appears before them for an offence, should or should not be granted bail.

This is also determined on the information submitted to the Magistrate or Judge about the individual and the offence allegedly committed.

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