‘Bail Denied!’ For Two Arson Accused

Two men implicated in the December 25th 2010 fire-bombing of the home of retired lawyer Glenworth Emmanuel have been denied bail, after facing Roseau Magistrate Evelina Baptiste on Thursday May 30th 2013.

32 year old Denny Shillingford of St. Joseph, who confessed to the crime, was charged with arson. He was not required to plea as it is an indictable charge.

Denny Shillingford being escorted from the Court

Denny Shillingford being escorted from the Court

39 year old Earl Seko Grant also of St. Joseph who was named by Shillingford, as the individual who paid him $400 to start the fire, was charged with conspiring with Denny Shillingford to unlawfully and maliciously set fire to the home of Glenworth Emmanuel, with Glenworth and Gretta Emanuel therein.


Earl Grant being escorted from the court

Earl Grant being escorted from the court

The Prosecutor Inspector Michael Laudat objected to bail of both men stating, if granted bail the men would abscond the jurisdiction, pervert the course of justice and interfere with witnesses in the matter.

He also told the Court that, investigations are ongoing, and one has to consider the severity of the offence, allegedly committed by the individuals.

Glensworth Emmanuel

Glenworth Emmanuel

However, attorney for Shillingford – David Bruney stated, his client has never left the State and has no history of not appearing in court, and challenged the Prosecution to prove otherwise.

Meanwhile, Grant who is represented by attorney Zena Dyer was defended by Dawn Yearwood Stuart on Mrs. Dyer’s behalf stated, as her client received the information that he was wanted in Dominica, he booked a flight back to Dominica.

She added, even when he was arrested, he fully cooperated with the police authorities, and his actions show that, he will remain in Dominica until this matter comes to an end.

Damages Done to the home of Glensworth Emmanuel

Damages Done to the home of Glenworth Emmanuel

He is in no way a flight risk and is willing to submit his Dominica passport to the authorities, she said.

Mrs. Yearwood Stuart also told the Court that, Grant is willing to report to the St. Joseph Police Station everyday if granted bail, and he cannot interfere with any witnesses as he does not know who they are.

The outspoken Police Prosecutor Inspector Claude Weekes counteracted Mrs. Yearwood Stuart’s bail application, noting if granted bail, Grant who operates a business in the United States, while being a US citizen would not remain in Dominica.

Damages Done to the home of Glensworth Emmanuel

Damages Done to the home of Glenworth Emmanuel

Inspector Weekes also said, Grant knew he was wanted in Dominica as a person of interest in the case long before the recent request by the Acting Director of Public Prosecution (DPP), Mr. Julian Prevost.

Before handing down her judgment in relation to bail, Magistrate Baptist stated, she is concerned by the statement of the DPP that, if grant does not willingly return to Dominica, he would prepare to have him extradited which is very serious.

She added, the only reason Grant returned to Dominica was that, he was concerned of losing his Unites States’ citizenship. Bail was then denied.

Damages Done to the vehicle of Glensworth Emmanuel

Damages Done to the vehicle of Glenworth Emmanuel

Grant will be remanded at the Stock Farm State Prison until June 6th 2013, before another bail application can be made on his behalf.

The trial is scheduled for September 26th 2013, while disclosure is set for July 30th 2013.








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