Bar Association President Defends Decision to Appoint Henry “Babs” Dyer to IPO

Henry "Babs" Dyer

Henry “Babs” Dyer

President of the Dominica Bar Association Wynante Adrien-Roberts says that the Bar will stand by its decision to nominate Henry “Babs” Dyer to the Integrity in Public Office (IPO) Commission.

This statement comes on the heels of criticism of the Association from Senior Counsel Tony Astaphan who stated that the Association needs to be more responsible when making such nominiations, since political activists should not be appointed to commissions such as the IPO.

Although Astaphan described Dyer’s appointment as disrespectful and an insult, while threatening to legally challenge Dyer’s appointment in Court, Adriend Roberts says Astaphan is entitled to his opinion, but their decision is final.

She said, she has no direct response to Astapan, and the Bar Association does not have any obligation to provide reasons for appointing Dyer to the IPO.

According to Adrien Roberts, Dyer was previously nominated to the IPO, and he was actually the Association’s representative on the IPO.

Meanwhile Secretary of the Bar Association, Auriel Roberts, says, unless the Bar was directed by a Court of Law to remove Dyer, nothing will change since he is willing to serve and has taken his oath before the president of Dominica, His Excellency Charles Savarin.

According to her he now has his instrument of appointment and is well qualified to represent the Association.

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