Bartenders Training Workshop

International Brand Ambassador for El Dorado Rums, Ms. Sefanie Holl

Representatives of various organisations gathered at the Fort Young Hotel Conference room for a “Bartender Training Workshop”, on Thursday November 8th.

Some of the places that were represented were; Ancourage Hotel, Belfast Estate, JR’s Bar, Evergreen Hotel, Top Bar, Fort Young Hotel and Jungle Bay Resort.

International Brand Ambassador for El Dorado Rums, Ms. Sefanie Holl, was the presenter of this event.

Ms. Holl is based in the UK, and will be in Dominica until Monday, November 12th.

She informed the participants of where “El Dorado” is produced and she also gave a brief history on the country itself, as well as the rum and rum ingredients.

El Dorado Rum, produced in Guyana

Ms. Holl says many people may have a certain impression of Guyana; however, it has many rivers and does not look like a country which produces rum.

She added that they wanted to create white rum that has just as much flavors as the ordinary rums.

Ms. Holl has been in the Bartending Industry for 12 years, and International Ambassador for 5 years and has also worked in Spain for a period of time.

At the end of the workshop, she invited the participants to taste different varieties of rum, as she explained the taste, ingredients and how it is made.


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