Basic Needs Trust Fund Seventh Programme Project Officially Launched



The Government of Dominica in collaboration with the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), officially launched the Basic Needs Trust Fund Seventh Programme Project on Wednesday May 29th.

“This occasion marks the continuation of a long and lasting partnership between the Caribbean Development Bank and the Governement of Dominica, as together we work to improve the standard of living of the poor and vulnerable in our communities,” said Project Manager of the Basic Needs Trust Fund, Mr. Matthew Carette.

He added, the BNTF continues to champion the cause to assist, at a time when global economic woes make it extremely difficult for struggling economies such as Dominica, to provide much needed assistance to communities.

Portfolio Manager of the BNTF’s Social Sector Division of the Caribbean development Bank, Mrs. Darran Newman Belgrave, noted this programme launch can be seen as a new era of their continued interests and commitments to reducing poverty.

This will be demonstrated through a much better focused programme.

This programme will focus in the direction of community ownership and leadership and increased economic activity.

Mrs. Belgrave noted, out of the $51.74 million US dollars that has been approved for BNTF 7, Dominica’s allocation is $3.9 million US dollars.

“We will diligently work along with the Government, to target these resources to create much better conditions for people who are most in need,” stated Mrs. Belgrave.

The north, Grand Fond and Marigot water supply in addition to 94 sub projects were all completed in Dominica by the end of 2012, through BNTF 5, with a grant allocation of $5.6 million US dollars.

BNTF 7 will focus on three core sectors – education and human resource development, water and sanitation and community access and drainage.

Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit stated, the BNTF is specifically geared towards poverty alleviation, economic growth while their programmes create avenues for employment.

He said, the partnership the Government has with the BNTF is one that will take the people of Dominica to the next level – a level that will empower families to meet their basic needs.


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