Bath Estate Development Committee Gives Back


brand new school bags donated to the needy children of Bath Estate

Children within the Bath Estate community, received tremendous assistance with school supplies as the Bath Estate Development Committte gave back on Monday September 2nd.

Cassandra Williams, Chairperson of the Bath Estate Committee, said in the committee’s attempts to contribute to the overall development of the community, as well as to build the committee’s spirit, they will be embarking on a number of projects such as this one.

Over 500 school supplies were donated to three secondary schools and four primary school students from the communities of Bath Estate and Elmsall.

The recipients included: Diandra Baptiste and Aime Philbert both from Elmsall.

Philtia Philogen, Stephlia Etoe, Merani Penard, Vontae Hamilton, and Aladine Lesley were the recipients from Bath Estate.


Cassandra Williams, Chairperson of the Bath Estate Committee

Ms. Williams called on the students to remain focus, and to take good care of the stationaries.

Three projects will be undertaken by the Committee including: a computer room located at the Bath Estate Development Committee Centre, expected to be completed this month.


Mr. Ambrose George, Parliamentary Representative handing over school bag to one of the recipients

Mr. Ambrose George, Parliamentary Representative, said the Bath Estate Development Committte, has taken on itself, to make this contribution to the needy students.

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