Bath Estate Development Committee honor five (5) residents

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Five persons who have contributed to the upkeep of the sport of football and the development of the Bath Estate community were recognized by the Bath Estate Youth Development Committee on Sunday.

The committee, which was formed just about two years ago, hosted a family and fun day event at the Bath Estate Community Center on Sunday, followed by an exciting football game between fathers and non-fathers in the community.

Member of the committee, Mr Delroy Williams told DA Vibes that these persons have contributed tremendously to the development of the community, and can be regarded as positive role models for the youth.

‘For the development of football, the awardees are Atherly Frederick, Mitchelle Joseph and Kurlson Benjamin, while Aaron Pacquette and Hayford Lafond will receive community service awards’, says Williams.

Mr Williams said that the awards is intended to serve as a stepping stone for further development in the community, as they get set to observe the village feast ‘Fete La Coudre’ next month.

‘We are very proud that these people have made a great contribution to our community, and we are urging them to use the recognition as a stepping stone to further positive development,’ Williams concluded.

Fete La Coudre, which is slated for July 3rd to 10th is being organized by the Bath Estate Development Committee, along with other social groups and sponsors.

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