Bath Estate Resident Calls for Help

Bernard Royer

One frustrated, Bath Estate resident is calling for help in regards to his home. Mr. Bernard Royer says he has been having issues with his neighbor for a period of time when it comes to being respectful to his premises.

He received a phone call from his wife on Monday September 1st around 4:00pm, stating that a huge stone from his neighbor’s premises rolled down to the back of his home.

He says at the moment he cannot say for sure that his neighbor did it, but he feels that he had a part to play in this incident since this is not the first issue between him and his neighbor.

The frustrated resident added that he also has an issue with the neighbor’s trees, because it is having a negative impact on his premises.

Mr. Royer’s Premises

Mr. Royer says he has tried his best to deal with this matter as professional and legal as possible, yet not a thing is being done.

In addition, he noted that the neighbor does not want to cooperate with him to resolve this matter.

Not only is Mr. Royer frustrated about this matter, he is also afraid to approach the neighbor due to the threats he has made in the past in relation to similar incidents.

Mr. Royer says action needs to be taken from higher authorities because he cannot do this on his own, at his age.


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