“Battle line” dubbed a major success


“Battle line,” a play which was staged by a twenty (20) member team of Police Officers from the Royal Antigua and Barbuda Police Force at the Arawak House of Culture over the weekend, has been dubbed as a major success.


The play, which drew hundreds of spectators to the Arawak House of told a story about a young girl named Annette, who at the tender age of ten (10), an age where most children are carefree without any burdens and problems, finds herself in a predicament. Sexually molested by her mother’s live-in boyfriend and neglected by both parents, Annette comes to the brink of despair just in time to be guided back by her fellow classmate and friend Darren.  As the play progressed, hurt from emotional and physical scars of molestation and neglect, Annette’s innocence helped to mend a broken marriage, bringing an almost hopeless family back together.


“Let the child speak,” was the underlying message in the play, which was meant to cause adults to stop and think about the many times that they have failed to listen to the cries of their children, while they suffer physically, mentally and emotionally all alone in silence.


The play “Battle line,” took the audience on an interesting journey. This particular situation which surrounded Annette, unfolded in such away in which many women were able to relate to.


At certain times during the play, certain actors spoke directly to the audience, so as to raise awareness about the problems which were highlighted in the play.


The entire group, except the writer/director Mr. Owen Jackson was Police Officers. Mr. Jackson is a graduate of the Edna Manley College of the visual and performing Arts. He holds a teacher’s Diploma in Drama Education, a Diploma in Theatre Performance and a Bachelors Degree with honors in Drama Education.


The Group wishes to thank the New Dimension Theatre for their collaboration and preparation for their visit, as well as Chief Cultural Officer Mr. Raymond Lawrence and the Dominica Police Force.


Every year, the Antigua and Barbuda Police Drama Group stages a play in their native homeland, as part of activities marking Police week which is being observed during the month of September, and this year, the group has decided to embark on a tour of the Caribbean to showcase the play which they said is in very high demand.

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