Beau Bois Preschool Celebrates 10 Years of Existence

BeauThe Beau Bois PreSchool is celebrating 10 years of existence today, January 16th.

On January 16th, 2003, 10 parents encouraged the Principal of the School, Mrs. Doreen John, to take care of children in her home.

At the time she had just moved into her new home and there was no building to house the children.

She says with further encouragement from her parents and family her son’s bedroom was converted into the preschool.

10 years later, she has converted the downstairs of her home into Beau Bois Pre-School which she owns today.

The Preschool houses three classroom, an office and sleeping area.


Principal of The Beau Bois PreSchool, Mrs. Doreen John

She thanks the many parents and friends who have helped her along the way.

Her advice to other teachers is that, teaching the young ones should not be for money, but for the love of the career.

Her love for teaching especially preschoolers stems from activities she missed out in her preschool days.

She wants to ensure that the children who go through the doors of the Beau Bois Preschool receive a solid foundation which definitely includes a lot of hugs and kisses, encouragement and praises.


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