Behind the Scenes of the Fire Department

Acting Public Relations Officer of the Fire Department Mr. Wayne Letang, has informed SAT  News of the various procedures within the Fire Station, as well as the recent accidents and activities that occurred.

Mr. Letang began with the recent graduation ceremony which was held for the community volunteers.

The training began on July 5th to August 19th.

Individuals from the communities of Petite Soufriere, San Sauvere, Goodhope, Castle Bruce and the Carib Territory participated.

At the ceremony, addresses came from the Chief Fire Officer as well as the Parliamentary Representative of the Castle Bruce constituency Honorable Johnson Drigo.

Mr. Letang then went into the fire that occurred in Wesley on November, 24th    where the Prince Family and Patricia Maglorie  lost two houses leaving a family of five homeless.

He added that the fire fighters were at the Melville Hall Airport at the time,  because an aircraft was just about to land.

The P.R.O moved on to the boating accident that took place on December 1st, in Mero where a US student died.

Mr. Letang informed us that the people on board did not notice that she was missing until they felt a different movement of the boat and saw blood in the water.

He believes the propeller was responsible for her multiple  wounds.

In terms of procedures, Mr. Letang says when a fire exists; they depend on the public to call in.

When the called is received, they have approximately 1 minute to leave the Fire Station in response.

He added that it takes effort and courage to become a fire fighter and a certain level of confidence and surety needs to be visible to the person that is being rescued.

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