Bellevue Chopin Resident Gets Fined $800

" style=Savarin Dennis from Belle vue Chopin was charged with possession of cannabis and possession of Cannabis with intent to supply.

A search warrant was issued to search Mr. Dennis’s house where he stated that he did not have any drugs or weapons at his home.

Throughout the search, a clear plastic bag containing cannabis along with $22 was found underneath his bed.

When the police officers informed him of what was found he replied, “That is some weed and marijuana.” The Cannabis was weighed and came up to 25 grams.

The Defendant said he has a 7 year old daughter to take care of and he is sorry.

Magistrate Candia George said Mr. Dennis needs to focus on something legal instead of putting himself in problems with the law.

Mr. Dennis was fined $800 to be paid by the 30th of November, or 2 months imprisonment.

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