Ben Darroux Sentenced to 12 Months Imprisonment

hands_1496899cBen Darroux of Portsmouth was sentenced to 12 months imprisonment when he faced Roseau Magistrate Ossie Lewis on Friday April 5th, after pleading guilty to the charge of escaping legal confinement.

According to the facts of the case read by Police Prosecutor Innocent Toussaint, Darroux who is currently serving a 22 month sentence at the Stock farm State Prison was among other inmates attending a church service on Tuesday March 19th.

At about 2:30 pm that same day, as the inmates were leaving the chapel at the prison an uproar occurred diverting the prison officers attention.

Darroux saw this as a perfect opportunity and as a result ran and jumped over the fence on the north side of the prison, passed through an open gate in the garden and fled.

However his freedom was short lived as he was recaptured the following day, Wednesday March 20th by the Portsmouth Police in Sugar Loaf Estate, Portsmouth.

When questioned by the arresting officer Darroux said he had nothing to say. This behavior was repeated in Court as he kept quiet when given the chance to explain his action in mitigation.

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