Bense, Anse De Mai, Ans Sol Dat Pageant

The community of Anse De Mai came alive on Friday July 6th, as it was the venue for the Anse-de_Mai, Ans-sol-Dat and Bense (BAA) pageant for the title of Ambassador of BAA.

Five young ladies graced the stage where they competed in 4 segments, for the first intellectual pageant to be hosted in Dominica.

The contestants were, sixteen year old Meriscia Carriere, sponsored by Alvin Fabien and Pure Entertainment & Sports, twenty year old Jamesa Fabien, sponsored by D Blush and Pure Entertainment & Sports, sixteen year old Melanie Joseph, sponsored by CIMBAA NY and Y & J Trucking, fifteen year old Jayanne Thomas, sponsored by Andrea Bougouneau, Ferrol Trucking, Martha’s Deli, & Laurel Royer and sixteen year old Kyla Bontiff, sponsored by Beverly Jacobs.

The first segment of the show was business wear, where the contestants appeared on stage in what is considered to be business wear or work wear.

Seventeen year old Meriscia Carriere, who attends the Portsmouth Secondary School was first where she proudly graced the stage in her business wear, while stating she aspires to be a chef since she has a love for cooking.

She added that a life lived in fear is a half life lived, so we must all strive for what we desire regardless of obstacles which will come in the way.

In the talent round twenty year old Jamesa Fabien, did a presentation where she highlighted Dominica’s natural features, in promoting Dominica as a tourist destination.

While fifteen year old Jayanne Thomas did a power point presentation, to promote the tourism development of the triple communities of Anse-de_Mai, Anse-sol-Dat and Bense (BAA).

In the Evening Wear segment, Ms. Melanie Joseph said that she would like to see the division of members of the triple communities changed, because we all need to work together to build Dominica to be a better place for our future.

Ms. Kyla Bontiff says in an effort to build unity on the community, she would advise the leaders to set up more social activities.
At the end of the night’s event only one young lady could be the winner which was, Ms. Melanie Joseph who was surprised she won but was all smiles.
Miss Popularity went to Ms. Jayanne Thomas, Miss Congeniality went to Ms. Kyla Bontiff, Miss Photogenic was awarded to Ms. Meriscia Carriere, and Most Eloquent and Intellectual speaker was Ms. Jamesa Fabien.

Other awards were Best Ambassadorial Presentation which went to Ms. Melanie Joseph, Best Performing Talent was Ms. Meriscia Carriere, and Best Evening Wear went to Ms. Melanie Joseph.

The 2nd Runner-up was Ms. Jayanne Thomas, while 1st Runner-up, Jamesa Fabien.

All of the contestants received participation trophies, in addition to their prizes.

The winner Ms. Joseph proudly modeled to the crowd on stage at the end of the pageant, with a big smile on her face.

The pageant was among activities planned by the Committee for the Development of Bense, Ans-de-Mai and Ans-sol-Dat (CIMBAA), in celebration of their first reunion.

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