Bioche to Host National Eat Fish Day

Eat Fish

Dubbed “Fish is Brain Food”, the 5th Annual Eat Fish Day will be celebrated in Village of Bioche, on Sunday November 4th.

The event is being organized by the St. Peter’s Fishing Cooperative and will showcase Dominica’s fishing heritage and the importance of fish in our daily lives.

According to Chief Fisheries Officer, Mr. Andrew Magloire, this event has had a positive impact on the amount of fish that is consumed in Dominica today.

The objective of Eat Fish Day is to promote the eating of fish, which is not only healthy but good for the local economy.

The St. Peter’s Fishing Cooperative is encouraging all Dominicans to turn out in large numbers to indulge in the preparation of fish.

At the Fisheries they have introduced an Eat Fish program at the Primary Schools.

He says that we are blessed in Dominica to have such an abundance of locally grown food and fish is one of things that is easy to prepare.

There should be no reason why any person should go hungry, or we should be unhealthy in this abundant land full of fresh produce.

 The Committee is partnering with other Nationals including the Japanese, to prepare a variety of dishes using fish.

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