Bishop Gabriel Malzaire Anticpitaes Great Things from Pope Francis


Bishop Gabriel Malzaire

In light of the election of Pope Francis who was elected on March 13th, Bishop Malzaire is nothing short of elated.

The Bishop stated that the integrity of Pope Francis is unlike anything we have seen before; considering that during the conclave Pope Francis’ name was not on the list.

He stated that the announcement of a new Pope is a welcome change for people and he looks forward to the evolution of Pope Francis’ duties of his newly appointed position.

Bishop Malzaire described Pope Francis as a maverick, who will bring new ideals for the Catholic community.

The personality of Pope Francis has assured the Bishop that the qualities he possess will have a positive impact on the church.

He also spoke of the general opinion that has been tied to the church today, namely: it is out of its time and is not responding to the needs of the world; Bishop Malzaire is confident that he will bring forward a new dimension, by challenging the world as well as its leaders.

Pope Francis is described as an advocate for poor people, humble, honest and a nonconformist, which is exactly what the Catholic Community and the world requires.





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