Bizarre Accident in Roseau

accident in RoseauIt was a frightening and awkward experience for one young driver when she lost control of her vehicle which ran into a parked vehicle on the afternoon of Wednesday February 20th 2013.

The strange incident which occurred in Roseau at about 3:00pm attracted a number of onlookers curious to find out what happened.

One eyewitness at the scene, said the daughter of the owner of a small business had just arrived, and were parking her Hyundai car registration number PN738 in an empty parking spot in front of Courts.

She said all of a sudden she heard a loud noise and noticed the car partially underneath a bus registration number HB736, which was parked on the opposite of the road.

The eyewitness added she is still confused, as to how the young girl lost control while parking her car.

The force of the impact pushed the bus off the road, over a gutter and onto the sidewalk before it came to a stop.

Speaking with the driver of the bus, Mr. Ferdinand George of Mahaut, he stated he parked his bus safely on the side of the road then went into a store nearby to carry out a transaction.

While inside he heard a loud noise and immediately ran outside, where he saw a car had collided with his bus.

Both vehicles suffered significant damage as a result of the collision, however no one was injured.

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