Black Diamond Speaks on Preparation for Calypso Finals

Black diamond

Jamal “Black Diamond” Lloyd

“I am very confident but humble, as it will be a first time experience which I will learn from for the future.”

These were the words of Newcomer to the Calypso arena Jamal “Black Diamond” Lloyd, when asked how he felt about going on to perform at the Calypso Finals competition, on Saturday February 9th at the Carnival City.

The Calypsonian who came on the scene in 2012 with his popular song entitled “Pit Toilet” said, messing up a verse in his song last year, prevented him from entering the Calypso Finals, and a mistake he learnt a lot from.

However this time around he is more confident than ever before to participate in the 2013 Calypso Finals.

He is receiving a lot of help from his mother and father Calypsonian Joey “The Explosion” Lloyd, who wrote his new song entitled “Asking.”

Mr. Lloyd said God has blessed him with a wonderful talent, which he will use for the good and betterment of himself, while singing on topics relevant to the public.

Mr. Lloyd pointed out that, he is very thankful for the fans, and will continue to keep them satisfied with good Calypso music.

He mentioned that he choose Calypso over other genres of music, as it is our culture he is passionate about, especially during slavery as a form of relief, the slaves would sing calypsos against the slave masters.

Mr. Lloyd stated, sometimes there are people who will be against him, he feels that his journey thus far in the Calypso business has been good.

black diadmond performing

Jamal “Black Diamond” Lloyd

Though he has a dream of being a Calypso King one day, he said just competing amongst Calypso greats such as King Dice, Hunter, Daddy Chess, and Scrunter is a great accomplishment.

King Dice he pointed out is his greatest Calypsonian as he idolizes the way he presents himself on stage and his voice.

Mr. Lloyd without saying much stated that, he is 100% ready for the Finals and he will have something special in store for all his fans and Calypso lovers.

He performs in the number nine position on the night of the competition.




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