Black History Activist Donates over 100 Books to Enhance Re Education


Mr. Franklyn Georges

A Black Activist of Dominican parentage has realized the necessity for Dominicans to re- educate themselves as a society.

Mr. Franklyn Georges, from the Community of Salisbury donated one hundred books to the Public Library on September 24th, while emphasizing on the importance of history.

His aim is to place Dominica on the map for having the best black history library within the Caribbean.

Mr. Georges is also urging the public to come together to form a group which he has named “the friends of the library” to help enhance the library.

Books were also donated to the Students of the Wesley High School, by Reverend Hewey Edward.

This is the third donation the Mr. Georges has made to the Roseau Public Library.

He has also promised that upon completion of a new library all his books from his home will be donated to the library, for Dominicans to read.

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