Blackmoore promises investment for Dominica

Minister responsible for public works and public utilities, Honorable Rayburn Blackmoore has announced government’s intention to create more opportunities for investment in Dominica.


Mr Blackmoore said that while the government is cognizant of the fact that a nation cannot develop only through investments, it plays a significant role in the developmental process with the provision of both short and long-term benefits.


He made the announcement while addressing the opening ceremony of a Fire and Ambulance Service Branch in St Joseph on Monday.


“Very soon from now you’ll be experiencing in Dominica the unveiling of a very impressive national project; a situation where we are going to be unlocked. We have been air locked for a long time but we are going to open the doors for the possibility for investment for the people of the country and Dominica,” announced Blackmoore.


Mr Blackmoore told the residents of St Joseph that the government is also making over 20 plots available to them for village expansion, which in itself compliments the investment project.


“When we are undertaking the construction of homes, we need to take into consideration the observance of proper building codes. That is why from a policy standpoint, we are going to open up the possibilities for expansion,” said Blackmoore.

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