Blaze Damage Four Houses in the Mahaut Community


Damaged house in the fire

Curious onlookers gathered on September 1st, as four houses were being destroyed by a raging blaze in the community of Mahaut.

Leading fire official, Mr. Wayne Letang, confirmed that the fire occurred at 8:35 pm and first engulfed a two storey building, constructed form concrete and wood.

The fire also consumed three other buildings in proximity to that building.

According to Mr. Letang, “two of the buildings suffered damage from the roof, one had damages in one of the bedrooms and the fourth one had some scorching damages unto it”.

The fire department is still conducting investigations as to the cause of the fire and the extent of the damages.


Mahaut: Onlookers on the scene

The offset of the fire transpired on the opposite side of the St. Paul’s Credit Union.

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