Blood Pressure Screening Day at Jolly’s Pharmacy

“We are not in the business of just selling products, we are in the business of educating and promoting healthy lifestyles, which begins with sensitizing the public on the real meaning of ‘Health means wealth,’ if you are healthy you can be considered rich.”

This was according to Mr. Carlton Lanquedoc – Pharmacist and Medical Representative of Jolly’s Pharmacy speaking at what they dubbed ‘Blood Pressure Screening Day,’ held on Thursday May 16th.

These initiatives indicate their serious interest in the general health of Dominicans, as a health population leads to a productive country, noted Mr. Lanquedoc.

He mentioned that, another objective of this activity was to sensitize the public on the importance of keeping their blood pressure at normal levels, – this is 120 over 80.

With the prevalence of communicable diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart failure and cancer which is alarming, says Mr. Lanquedoc.

He noted, the pharmaceutical companies are not engaged in any battle with the herbalists – rather they work alongside them, and also sell a wide variety of herbal products.

He went on to say that, we must not mix herbal and pharmaceutical drugs as this practice puts our bodies at risk.

Assistant Manager of Jolly’s Pharmacy, Mr. Orin Jolly noted, this activity was another way of extending their services to not just their customers but also the general public.




Mr. Jolly said, they are working on improving health care in Dominica, and for them it is not just business as usual.

He is urging Dominicans to ensure they diet and exercise properly, so they will maintain good healthy lifestyles and will not have to rely on pharmaceutical drugs.




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