“BLOWS ON THEM!” shouted Mr Norris Charles at UWP public meeting.


After the official swearing in of the newly appointed opposition leader, Mr. Hector ‘Spaggs’ John, came to a close, the United Workers Party took to the streets later that evening to host a public meeting on July 19th in the city of Roseau. Former parliamentary representative for the Roseau Valley constituency, Mr. Norris Charles said that “The country is in trouble” and we, as Dominicans have a responsibility to think not of what our country can do for us but what we can do for our country.


“Think not of what your party can do for you, but what you can do for your party to return in office in order to bring this country to prosperity. These are serious times my brothers and sisters” said Mr. Charles.


Mr. Charles stressed that once the United Workers Party is in existence; there is no way that the country will become a one party state.


He said, “Because it takes only an unwise leader to realize that he can take both the Marigot and Salisbury constituencies. It means that, my brothers and sisters, when Mr Skerrit says something nobody in the labour party can think otherwise. They, the advisors, should tell him it is a stupid move, do not make that mistake. You have 18 seats already; the heart and soul of the people of Marigot and Salisbury constituencies are with the United Workers Party.


“Blows on them,” said the Roseau Valley representative as he addressed the issues behind the irregularities of the December 18th general elections.


“In any free and fair contest without bribery and if left to the people of dominica who are going through the ‘struggles’ were left to vote in this country the Labour party would not win the elections,” said Mr Charles.  

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