Book Launch to Form Part of the Nature Island Literary Festival

literary-festival-236x300A new element of the Nature Island Literary Festival (NILF) and Book Fair 2013 is a book launch of two novels; during the Word, Sound and Power event at the Anchorage Hotel on Thursday, August 8, 2013 at 7:30 p.m.

The two novels to be launched during that event are ‘Look Back!’ by Trish Cooke and ‘Send Out Your Hand’ by Dorbrene O’Marde.

Trish Cooke is of Dominican heritage and is an award-winning children’s author from the United Kingdom.

Her novel ‘Look Back!’ celebrates the relationship between a grandmother and her grandson Christopher, as she tells him about her Dominican childhood adventures in the rainforest, in search of a mysterious creature called Ti Bolom.

Is Grannie’s Ti Bolom real or just one of her stories? That’s what Christopher tries to find out.

Dorbrene O’Marde is a cultural activist, playwright and calypso writer from Antigua.

‘Send Out You Hand’, his first novel, allows Dorbrene to take us on a trip through the Caribbean landscape, not only geographical and topographical but its political and social realities and spaces as well.

It also highlights the various Caribbean personalities, their nuances and cadences of accents, as well as their similarities and their differences.

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