Boyoun Artiste Nayee Releases New Music Video


Clip of his new video: Boyoun Artiste Nayee


Clip of his new video: Boyoun Artiste Nayee

Music producer, song writer, performer and solo artiste, Niejel Jno. Baptiste, better known as Nayee, formerly of the WCK Band, is pleased to announce that his video for a song entitled ‘Darling’ has been completed.

Mr. Jno. Baptiste in an exclusive interview with SAT News revealed, that the idea for the song ‘Darling’, written by him, came about from a real life experience.

“My Management crew Fire Nation Entertainment and myself are trying to treat this music business much different, not just audio but a combination of audio and video to break the Dominican tradition of just releasing songs,” he explained.

The artiste gave a detailed explanation on the concept of the video.

Knowing the Dominican public, he said, the video will be well appreciated, especially as it is based on a situation everyone can relate to, not some farfetched idea people would have no way of understanding.

The artiste, said this is his third music video, remarking that his solo career is based on determination, backed by his loyal Fire Nation Entertainment Management crew.

“The video was shot in Dominica in locations including Castaways Beach, Castle Comfort, Bath Estate, Sutton Place Hotel as well as Krazy Koconuts.”


Clip of his new video: Boyoun Artiste Nayee

In response to the question why shoot a music video, Mr. Jno Baptiste had this to say:

When released the video will be available on Fire Nation 767’s facebook page and SAT Telecoms local programming channel among other mediums.

Here is a preview of the song ‘Darling’, acapella style.

Stay tuned to the end of this news package for the world premiere of Nayee’s music video entitled ‘Darling.’

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