Breast cancer workshop

In an effort to address the issue of breast cancer, a number of female health practitioners from various districts in Dominica held a special workshop, to discuss ways in which breast cancer can be prevented.


At the workshop dr. Hedda dyer, engaged the participants in a quiz, where they had to answer breast cancer questions, to enhance their knowledge on the issue.


Dr. Dyer says, we all know breast cancer is an important problem that we see every day and we need to do what we can to reduce the number of cases.


Speaking on the results of a survey conducted, on early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer in Dominica, Dr. Dyer says such surveys are important, as early detection of breast cancer can save many lives.


Dr. Dyer also said it is very important that, health practitioners follow the guidelines for early detection, as sometimes just screening may not detect any problems.


The nurses came from districts such as the Marigot health district, La Plaine health district, and the Portsmouth health district among others, for the workshop, which was held at the public service training center.

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