Bridging the Gap Project Officially Launched

CARICOM Youth Ambassador, Natasha Jervier

CARICOM Youth Ambassador, Natasha Jervier

In an effort to create more unity between the elderly and the youth, an initiative dubbed “Bridging the Gap” was officially launched on Saturday June 14th 2014 at the Windsor Park Stadium.

The brainchild of CARICOM Youth Ambassador, Natasha Jervier, she stated the idea came to life one day when she reminisced about her deceased grandmother and the special moments they shared, in addition to her grandfather who has generations of stories to tell.

“I decided that our young people should enjoy the pleasures that I have enjoyed of interactions with the many older people who have walked through my life and that our seniors should experience the joy of at least one young person who is there for them,” Jervier explained.

The objectives of ‘Bridging the Gap’, she informed, are to create an avenue for young people to learn from the elders in society and to teach young people to value volunteerism and service to others.

Jervier added, it also aims to provide basic assistance to the elderly, to get young people who will document stories of the heroes in their lives and most of all to bridge the generation gap that exists between our seniors and young people.

She noted, this gap is even wider in areas of technology and communication.

Participants of 'Bridging the Gap'

Participants of ‘Bridging the Gap’

Under the Bridging the Gap programme, the young people and seniors are expected to meet once a week for a period of six months.

As a result of a shortage of seniors, there are some middle aged persons in the programme who fill in the gaps, and also married couples who have adopted a young person or two.

“So far individuals have been meeting frequently and are having a great experience. There has been positive feedback from both the seniors and the young people involved,” Jervier stated.

Meanwhile, Dominica’s Ambassador to the OECS and CARICOM, His Excellency Felix Gregoire, who supports the programme stated, he will be working alongside the CARICOM Youth Ambassadors to keep abreast of its progress.

A total of 50 participants are currently engaged in the programme.

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