Budding Dominican Music Artist to Hit the Scence


Jelani “KiidJay”Baptiste

20 year old Pottersvile Resident Jelani Baptiste, who goes by the name of “KiidJay”, is a budding Dominican musician who is determined to expand unto the international scene.

Although KiidJay has only performed in local arenas including the Ancourage Hotel, he believes with the right amount of support and encouragement, this will all change.

KiidJay mostly focuses on the Hip Hop genre, sometimes classified as “road rap”.

“I try to bring as much reality as I can in my lyrics,” he explained.

He informed SAT News, that his album will be out next month and he would deeply appreciate it, if the public gave it a chance.

The upcoming artist sends out his heartfelt appreciation to those who have supported him from day one.

“I have had people walk up to me stating that my music is bad, which means good in Dominican terms”, he noted.

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