Bull’s Eye Pharmacy robbery


A prominent pharmacy in goodwill was robbed on Friday July 23rd between the hours of 11 and 12 pm, by 3 mask gun men. Manager of the Bulls Eye Pharmacy, Mr Val Cuffy said that he and his wife were within the vicinity of the area when they heard a loud, disturbing noise.


The gun men proceeded to split the switch connecting to the power source and then pointed the gun in the face of the young lady demanding the money be given to them. They got out of the building and ran on the side of the road in a shortcut by building adjacent to the pharmacy,” said Mr Cuffy.


Mr Cuffy described the situation as regrettable and does not believe that this is the direction that Dominicans should be heading towards. He also sounded a call to all businesses in Dominica to fight against these unlawful activities.


“We would not want dominica to become like other Caribbean countries. It is a regrettable situation but I hope that the perpetrators will be brought to justice and we will be able to move forward. The young people are just looking for a quick fix and are looking for ways to make themselves feel important. We are working hard at Bulls Eye Pharmacy, doing the best we can to satisfy our customers. The police are looking forward to solving the problem,” he said.


He mentioned that the cost of the damage is still being under investigation and said that any loss is a great loss. Mr cuffy expressed how thankful he was that no lives were lost.


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