Bureau of standards meeting for importer, distributors and manufacturers

Business owners, as well as other persons, were present at the public service union on Thursday February 9th, for a sensitization meeting for importers, distributors and manufacturers, hosted by the bureau of standards.

The mission of the bureau of standards, is to improve global competitiveness of Dominican goods, and services to enhance the overall quality of life, of the citizenry of the commonwealth of Dominica, through the promotion, and maintenance of standards.

Speaking at the meeting, compliance officer Mr. Heinrich Anselm says, in pre packaged items the label must be branded with both the brand and trade name, the product name, net content, country of origin, name of the manufacturer or distributor among others.

Mr. Anselm says, based on the items, there are different specifications and information, that needs to be included on the labels especially if the items are to be exported, or being supplied to the general public.

The bureau of standards was established under the standards act in june 1999.

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