Burglary Victim Speaks on Unpleasant Experience

Burglary_Executive Director of Junior Achievers and Castle Comfort resident Mrs. Natasha Yeeloy Labad says, although one can prepare, there is never a situation when one will be fully prepared to experience and deal with a burglary.

“One thing I can say is I planned, however that plan did not work, nevertheless I relied on my personal strength which is negotiating to get through this ordeal.”

This was according to Mrs. Labad, after witnessing her home being burglarized and being robbed of jewelry and other miscellaneous items in addition to her silver Nissan March car registration number PR417, at approximately 1am, on Tuesday June 18th.

Mrs. Labad, someone who works with young persons said, this experience opened her eyes to continue even more than ever, to do the positive work that shecan by empowering and urging the youth, to take control of their economic realities.

She noted, two thieves were involved in the burglary – one inside the home, who used chairs to climb through her office window to gain entry into the house, while the other stood outside as a ‘look out.’

The burglary victim stated, since the incident many persons advised her that she should have used force to fight off the thieves.

“I am not sure of the total cost of the items stolen, however I do know that the damage to my car will be very expensive – thank God I have a good relationship with my insurance company, so I am hoping they will take care of it,” explained Mrs. Labad.

burglary-generic-2009-18245406_66908_ver1.0_320_240Reports are that, Mrs. Labad’s vehicle was used by the thieves to commit other burglaries that same morning and physically assaulted their unsuspecting victims.

Other reports indicate that, during a high speed chase by the police, the thieves made good their getaway after crashing the car.

Efforts to confirm this incident by the police proved futile.

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