Bus drivers accident in Canefield

ACCIDENT-CANEFIELD (2).jpgTwo bus drivers found themselves in a difficult situation on Wednesday April 18th, when their buses collided when en route to their destinations shortly after 5pm.

Reports are a Toyota Hiace bus registration number HB430 which was coming from Roseau, was making a right turn at the roundabout near the National Bank of Dominica, while another Toyota Hiace bus registration number HE173 was coming from Canefield travelling to Roseau when the two collided.

The bus registration number HB430, was struck at the back by the bus registration number HE173, which damaged both of the buses.

In an interview at the scene of the accident Mr. Butler Burton of Warner, the driver of the bus which was coming from Roseau he says that he was on his way to drop off a passenger, when the accident occurred.

He added that he was almost done completing the right turn, but other driver was travelling very fast, which is the reason they collided as the driver could not stop in time to avoid the collision.

Mr. Burton says that this accident could have been easily avoided.

However the driver of the second bus registration number HE173, Mr. Frantso Moise says that he was going back to town after coming from Mahaut and upon reaching the intersection, the other driver cut across him and did not indicate he was going to turn.

He said since the driver did not put on his indicator, he assumed he was going to stop and not turn but this was not the case.

He also confirmed the report of the other driver that he was speeding at the time.

Although both drivers were upset about the accident both claiming their right, they assisted the traffic officers who came on the scene to take measurements of the accident.

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