Bus Drivers Protest In Soufriere



soufriere.jpgThis was a direct result of the bus drivers who operate in the area, taking strike action against what they call is neglect of their concerns, as it relates to the deplorable conditions of their roads for far too long.


Public Relations Officer for the Soufriere, Scotts Head Bus Service, Mr. Fitz Jno Lewis says that all of the bus drivers who operate in the area are on strike, because they are fed up of the dangerous conditions of the roads for a number of years now.


Mr. Jno Lewis says that the roads have been in a state of repair for over five years now, and there are ministers travelling on it but none see it fit to have them repaired, which is call for concern.


One of the workers, who were stranded as a result of the strike, also shared the same sentiment as the bus drivers.


Another concerned motorist says since after elections, the government have turned their backs on the same people who voted for them, which is not right and it is time something is done to have the roads safe for motorists.


The concerned motorist pointed out that this has nothing to do with politics, since 98 percent of the bus drivers in the strike action voted for the Dominica Labour Party, and this is how they are repaid.


Parliamentary Representative for the Soufriere Constituency, Honourable Sam Martin says, there is work scheduled to take place in the communities but contractor delays, is the reason it has not commenced as yet.


However he said he indicated to the bus drivers that work on the road will commence today.


He went on to say that the work on the road that needs to be done is not major, so it should only take about 2 days to have the roads patched up, so the motorists can be satisfied.

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