Business Owner Appealing to Corporate Citizens to Sponsor Football Events

One local business owner is calling on corporate citizens to make more effort in sponsoring sporting events.

Mr. Shamali St. Rose who is the co-owner of Mirrors Cocktail Bar in Goodwill, who organized a six on six small goal competition, says business owners need to do all they can to empower the youth through sporting events, which their sponsorship is vital.

He says though the competition was successful this year, if more sponsors came on board it could have been much better.

He added there is still time, as they are hoping to host more events such as this one later this year, and has future plans to make the Mirrors Cocktail Bar Six on Six Small Goal Competition an annual event from 2013.

Mr. St. Rose is urging the corporate citizens to please take them serious when they send proposals out for sponsorship of such events, which keeps the youth busy in positive activities.

The competition was held on Saturday August 4th and went on to Sunday August 5th, where 12 teams participated all in the hope of winning the grand cash prize of $3000.

Captain of the winning team Blood in Blood Out from Goodwill, Mr. Ned Abraham says he is overjoyed that they won the event.

The excited Captain says their defense was very strong so all they had to do was come with a strong offence which was what lead them win the competition.

He added that such events are necessary since it helps keep the youth engaged in something that they love to do, as the sport of football is very important to them.

The competition which took place at the Lindo Park playing field in Goodwill received a lot of support from residents of Goodwill and others who were present.

The winner of last year’s competition was God Gives God Takes.


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