Business Owner Applauds Use of CCTV Cameras for Carnival Celebrations

Val "Young Bull" Cuffy

Val “Young Bull” Cuffy

Following the announcement that Closed Circuit TV cameras would be installed along the Carnival route in Roseau one business owner is applauding this new initiative.

Owner of Bulls Eye Pharmacy, Mr. Val Cuffy is of the view that this is a very important move and commended Mr. Kimo Astaphan owner of Platinum Security, for the idea.

“It was when I was severely assaulted at a business by three men in masks, I realized that the system that I had wasn’t up to par”, adding that is the reason he applauds Mr. Astaphan for his inventiveness.

He stressed that every business owner in Roseau should applaud that effort and put some financial support behind Platinum Security, as it costs a lot of money for equipment.

Mr. Cuffy added those who have plans to engage in mischief in the City, will be captured on camera and will be brought to justice for their actions – inappropriate and or illegal.


Meanwhile, the police has put to bed concerns of the public who are of the view the cameras are an invasion of one’s privacy.

Assistant Superintendent of Police, Claude Weekes says, the camera will be used for crime fighting.

ASP Weekes revealed that, there have been CCTV cameras installed in the City before this new initiative, which have proved to be a tremendous support as evidence in Court.

Superintendent of Police, David Andrew, who also spoke on the matter added, privacy cannot be an issue when data is collected in the public domain.

Some cameras will be visible to the public, while others will be hidden.

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