DSC Business Students Hosts Business Activiies


Hermier Warner, Business Student at DSC

On Thursday March 7th 2013, Yhe Dominica State College business students, have implemented what they have learnt by conducting their own businesses on campus

This event is expected to run until Friday, March 15th 2013, to help the students to understand the procedures and level-headedness of running a business.

Ms. Caren Prevost, Entrepreneurship and Business Lecturer at the DSC, says this is an annual event in relation to the small business course tutored at the college.

Ms. Prevost added, many may think that as a small business owner, events only work for big businesses that have large budgets and manpower.

She noted, that the students need to know that, if these large companies are taking advantage of events as a means of marketing, then there is no reason why small businesses should not.


Ms. Caren Prevost, Entrepreneurship and Business Lecturer at the DSC

Ms. Prevost explained to them that the event does not have to be a lavish affair with hundreds of attendees and dozens of speakers.

“A person can always start with a small crowd with as few as 20 people,” she noted.

Ms. Prevost said, one of the things she tries to instill into the students is, hosting an event is a great opportunity for their businesses to gain exposure, especially to local potential customers.

“The better the event you host, the more your company will be remembered,” she stated.


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