Businessman concerned about the negativity being spread in the media about his business place

Local businessman Frankie ‘Krazy T’ Bellot is calling on media houses in Dominica to be more prudent in what image they portray in the news broadcasted to the general public in their various media houses.


Bellot told SAT TV News that recent experiences surrounding his business place, Krazy Koconuts continue to demonstrate the un-biasness and negativity of certain media houses on the island.


According to him, there are a few media houses that are bent on publicizing negative news, while they continue to ignore the positive attributes.


Mr Bellot believes that such emphasis on negative news does not only damage the reputation of his business, but also the image of Dominica, which is known by many, to be a peaceful country.


He is challenging media houses on the island to adopt the culture of positive promotion, in keeping with their ‘so-called’ motto of balanced and fair reporting.


Bellot says it is rather sad that media houses, who reported on the noise and garbage pollution associated with the former Krazy Koconuts, now refuse to report on the initiative he has taken in obliterating these problems.

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