Buy Dominica Initiative to be Reintroduced to Dominicans to Benefit from

fRANCISThe Dominica Arts and Craft Producers Association (DACPA), in collaboration with the Dominica Manufacturers Association, are pleased to announce the introduction of the Buy Dominica Carnival Extravaganza.

President of DACPA Mr. Francis Richards says, this was done based on the feedback from the public following their 2012 Buy Dominica Christmas Extravaganza.

Mr. Richards stated, this will showcase the arts and craft and manufactured products to the Dominicans and visitors alike.

Public Relations Officer of the Dominica Manufacturers Association, Mr. Severin Mc Kenzie stated, this initiative will be beneficial for all, as the arts and craft producers will sell products, while jobs will be created.

Mr. Mc Kenzie pointed out that this will also serve as a means for Dominicans to appreciate the things we produce locally.

Seeing that the two day 2012 Buy Dominica Christmas Extravaganza had to be extended to a third day due to popular demand, he is of the view that the public was impressed by the high quality of products made locally.

He said we should always support local, and be proud of what we produce rather than Dominican products being placed at the bottom of shelves in stores, while the foreign items are placed on top.

Mr. Mc Kenzie said the timing is perfect, as many visitors for the Carnival Season will be looking to purchase items for when they return to their native country.

He is urging the public to support this idea so we can stimulate our local economy and circulate the money in Dominica.

Roseau Market Superintendent, Mr. Julius Carbon revealed that he has been working with local manufacturers for some time, to make use of available space at the market.

With the Buy Dominica Extravaganzas utilizing this space he stated the public response has been encouraging, especially as many were not aware of the wide variety of products that are produced locally.

The Buy Dominica Carnival Extravaganza will take place on February 6th to 9th and the 13th in the covered section of the new Roseau Market.


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