C.H.O.E.B. Nominated for International Soca Award

Bertist Jeffers

Chevon Ambo

In such a small country where opportunities and international exposure for music artistes is limited, few are afforded the opportunity to showcase their talent and receive recognition on an international level.

Portsmouth based music group, C.H.O.E.B consisting of six individuals, is making a name for themselves outside of the boundaries of Dominica, as they are the first Dominican group to receive a nomination in the 11th International Soca Awards, being held in Grenada on August 6th 2013.

The group C.H.O.E.B which means, Coming Hard on Every Beat, has been nominated for one of their fan favorite video entitled, “Beautiful” featuring Asher Thomas.

According to a member who writes songs for the group, Mr. Chevon Ambo, this video is currently being played on local TV and radio stations across Dominica and the rest of the Caribbean.

Chevon Ambo

Bertist Jeffers

Mr. Ambo stated, since the group started three years ago, the public has been very supportive, especially as what they do is an avenue for keeping out of negative activities.

Some of their popular songs he noted are; Take My Hand, Beautiful, Magic Touch and Party.

He added they are very thankful to Ambo Visuals for the videos they recorded, providing them with much needed recognition, locally and internationally.

Producer of the group, Mr. Bertist Jeffers who is a founding member of C.H.O.E.B, says, he is pleased that they are nominated for this award for doing something they love – music.

He added the public’s help is very important as they are currently on a fund raising drive, to purchase tickets for the group to attend the 11th International Soca Awards, being held in Grenada on August 6th 2013.

“Each ticket cost $500US, so all donations we receive is appreciated and will go a long way in funding this trip,” said Mr. Jeffers.

This is such a huge accomplishment for the group. It also helps in giving Dominica more international exposure.

Persons interested in making donations to this trip can call Mr. Bertist Jeffers on telephone number; 767617-1629.

Here are the instructions on how to vote for the group’s music video.

Remember you must vote in all categories for your vote to be counted.


They are nominated in the Caribbean Dance/Pop/Rap/R&B of the Year. Category number 31.

1. Go to http://www.socaawards.com/VOTE.html

2. Vote in every category and when you get to Category #31, “Vote CHOEB – Beautiful ft. Asher Thomas.”

Your support and donations will be greatly appreciated, the members said.



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